fall frenzy

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Greetings y'all.
It's officially fall.
I'm obsessed.

Seriously though, I hope the day of me not loving changing leaves and studying in coffee shops and boots and beanies and lots of layers never comes.  Because that would be super sad and a little part of me will have died.
And we don't want that.

Don't I look like such a little teacher here? Totally channeling Emily Gemma from The Sweetest Thing. Buut I'm just a volunteer at an elementary school that's walking distance from the dorms.  I need volunteer hours for my Social Work and Welfare class, but I love kids so it turned out to be a win-win.  It makes me miss my kiddos from the YMCA camp I was a counselor at this summer!  But the third graders I help with are hysterical, so it's always entertaining.
Read: "I'm only an eight year old time lord!"
And many other interesting tall tales.

Proof of fall outside the elementary school and on my walk to class.
Goodies from bible study!  Morgan is our leader and she is dabomb.com.  Seriously.  Not only does she always have cookies or tea and everything we need for some serious God down time, she is full of wise words and helpful things...without sounding like she's full of it. Ha. SHE'S AWESOME.

Hot chocolate, lovely ladies, and Jesus.  What else do ya need?
Don't answer that.

I just ate a whole bag of popcorn since I got home and finished writing this post.
That's not healthy.
And I don't meant as in yay I just ate a whole bunch of unnecessary carbs and sugars and salt.
I mean mentally.  I am not sound.

Aight kids.  Adios.
Time for some social work readings......lol.

Tell someone you love that you love them!! 
Do it.  You never want to have to regret not telling them.

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