bring on the rain

Friday, October 18, 2013

I just came out of class to see the glorious grey skies I had left on my way in to Bio had decided to let out a little drizzle.  I walked home in the 43 degree rainy weather in my new favorite jacket with my new favorite boots and an umbrella (luckily, eh?) while listening to Thunder by Boys Like Girls.  
Those are all things that would make me giddy on their own. Can you imagine me now?
It was freezing and exhilarating and awesome.  
I'm now home in our freshly Christmas-lighted room with the window open, Vampire Diaries, snuggly blankets and some tea.
Someone please explain to me how this day could get any better.
 photo ScreenShot2013-10-17at61918PM_zps514d654c.png

P.S. Here's a lesson for you kids: always bring your umbrella when your weather app says ANY chance of rain and it's cloudy outside, even if your roommate tells you you won't need it.  Weather apps are about as accurate as Karen's boobs, and roommates are notoriously devious..

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