can i sleep now?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's officially here.
 The time you've all been waiting for.
Basketball season. 
*the crowd goes wild- woo's, cheers, fist pumps, fainting as droplets of Andrew Wiggin's sweat flies off his face*

But seriously, it's more like sleepy eyes, 5:20 a.m wake-up calls, camping out for your spot, waiting, waiting, and more waiting.  Is it totally worth it? Duh.  Does it make you feel like you're loosing a grip on your sanity and you haven't slept in days? Yes.

And I'm sure you're sick of fall pics and leaves, but I'm not.  I seriously can't get over how vibrant and red and colorful they all are!  It blows my mind.
Typical Arizona transplant, I know.
I can't help it.

NOT PICTURED*** hours of studying in the library and studying at Milton's and studying on the way to the test and studying between classes and studying studying and more studying. Also, sanity slowly slipping away.
Go to college, they said.
Best years of your life, they said.

If these are the best years of my life, I've got a cell in a mental asylum with my name on it already.

Just kidding guys college is really fun and you have time for everything. 

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