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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ah, Sunday.  How I've missed you. 
I've really been looking forward to today, because Sunday is always the same.  Church in the morning and some sort of treat after; Wheatfields for a yummy breakfast smorgasbord (yeah, I said smorgasbord), or coffee and a bookstore.  Then we come home and study and clean and work out and call friends and generally enjoy the loveliness of the last day of freedom before reality kicks back in.
It's nice to have a set day where Christ is the first thing you encounter in the day, other than praying or bible reading you do on your own, and being around like-minded people who enjoy worshipping is just nice.  I look forward to it all week because it's a nice time to center your thoughts and regain your composure that the week usually shot to heck.  That's how it is for me, anyway.  I'm sure you folks are much more sane. Ha.
Anyhoo, it's been lovely today and that's all there is to it.
Also, I entertained Madi with singing Jesse McCartney, word for word, while cleaning.  She wasn't as impressed as I was that I still knew all the words...I did love him, after all.  Always will.

P.S. Seriously, sue me for posting a Starbucks pic.  I'm the biggest hypocrite right now because I go off on PSL-worshipping, Starbucks-in-every-picture people any chance I get.  Today, in fact, was the first time I've been to Starbucks in months, because why would I go to a commercial chain when I could go to local shops that are much more adorable?  I do have a butt load of Starbs giftcards though, and I admit, I wanted a pumpkin spice latte. *looks around nervously for lightening to strike down*

That's all, folks.  Happy Sunday do something Funday.

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