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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just takin a study break between PEP carboxylase and the three stages of embryonic growth. lol.
Really, I shouldn't be breaking at all because I've done way more Netflix watching than studying tonight, but oh well.

Irrelevant Thing #1: House of Cards is the best,, my most recent obsession.  Took me three days to finish the only *sad face* season on Netflix.  It is so freakin smooth and calmly intense, it just sucks you in and makes you actually wish you were a prostitute in D.C. or a corrupt congressman who works on the hill.  Ha. But really.  

Irrelevant Thing #2: I forgot what other things I was going to put.  The glory of House of Cards is just too much for me.

Irrelevant Thing #3:  I really can't remember.  This bodes well for my studying and test on Monday, eh?

I give up.

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