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Friday, December 6, 2013

Today has been one of the best in a long, long time.
The last time I remember having this much fun here, besides the front row basketball miracle, was the night of the Drew Holcomb concert, and that was in September or some frightfully early month that seems ages ago.
Literally the laughs were non-stop today, I meaan man.  It was just me and Madi running around buying Christmas decorations and going to the grocery store, but it was just so fun.  We haven't really hung out just the two of us for fun in a while, and mixed with the exhilarating 16 degree weather and infectious holiday spirit, it was absolutely the perfect afternoon.
Once we came home with all our goodies, we literally spent hours decorating our door.
And do you know how hard it actually is to make paper snowflakes?
But let me tell you people, it looks good. And it darn well better win the door decorating contest going on in our dorm.  It's pretty

Also my theme for today:

And I'm starting a new segment called Write That Down! ft. Maddawg

"It's the sperm's fault..."
"That's what I always say!"

And oh yeah, guys, I was literally SO HAPPY that we found a mini Christmas tree today!
Like, dancing and singing "Oh happy daayy!" while hugging it.
And skipping through the parking lot.
And taking selfies, pictured below.
But honestly I was so beyond happy I could have cried tears of joy.
I actually called Hobby Lobby to see if they had mini trees, because SOME people (ahem, Target, ahem, WalMart) didn't have any.  The guy told me, in an accent, "Ah, yes, but you better race over here. They are going fast!"
And race we did, my friends.
So let that be a message to you all!  The happiest place on Earth is Hobby Lobby when they have 50% Christmas decor and your new most favorite family member: a Christmas tree.

Did I get any of the work done that I was supposed? 
No, of course not.
Would I be a freshman in college if I had?
No sir, no ma'am.

Watch a Christmas movie tonight, kids.
Enjoy the holiday spirit.

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