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Thursday, January 30, 2014

So far so good, guys.
Fingers crossed that:
a) I can continue to fight off this sore throat and be cured by tomorrow night
b) I can keep up this whole "finished with my homework and reading early and having time for Netflix" thing
c) the next basketball is as joyous as this past one
d) I can get over the beat of Dark Horse and listen to something else

Morgs, mol doll, talking mads and I went for a run next to the river on Sunday and it was spectacularly creepy!  All I could think about was story ideas the whole time I was running (dying).

It twas Madi's birthday on Tuesday!  Yahoo!  So of course I didn't get any pictures with her, just Molly, who happens to have the same coat as me.  Twinning merits an automatic picture, duh.

Iowa State game with this cutie.  This was her first game of the year!! Crazy.  It reminded me of my first game, which feels like forever ago.  I was such a noob.
But it was fantastic.
It's like so many happy emotions at once your body doesn't know what to do.

I ate so much ice cream tonight at Young Life *throwing up emoji*
Not a good idea.
So Ry and I are hitting up the gym tomorrow.
Extra barf.

I enjoy the fact that these posts are just total word vomit and they usually make no sense and are of little to no importance whatsoever.
Cheers to that, mates.

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