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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's a snow day, guys.
Skewl was cancelled because of the loads and loads of crystal-y goodness, but we still had a house to look at, for next year.  So we prayed our way through that snowy debacle and with Molly's expert driving skills, made it just fine.
So now the BPs are snuggled in Mol and Ry's room…for the 6th hour.  But there's really no where else I'd rather spend a snow day than in their room.  It's cozy, it's adorable, and they have a T.V. 
My favorite part, though, is all the pictures they have of their old lives and their best friends and their favorite memories.  It's funny because we only know the KU, Larrytown, college versions of each other, so I love getting a glimpse into the parts of them I don't know.
But Molly's probably sick of me laying on her bed.
And Rylie probably wants her phone charger back.
And the bad part about laying around all day?
Not being tired, at all, which means no sleep for me tonight.
The good part about a snow day?
That's right, folks.
No school tomorrow and all the students said amen.

I'm posting this against Molly's will.
"I said NO!"

I'm obsessing over these boots.  I've been on the search for snow boots for so long that just saying snow boots drives me crazy.
Alas, I came across these beauties after an afternoon of hit and misses on Mass St.
What do you know?  Fate really does exist.
And it costs $20 at Wal-Mart, holla.

Back at it tomorrow, kids.
And by "it", I mean laying around and watching movies and eating chocolate and working on blogs and endlessly refreshing Twitter.
It may not be possible to ingest more popcorn than I have today, but you never know what tomorrow holds.
No promises.

Tomorrow is going to be sad because there will be no hope for a third snow day….

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