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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kansas just lost to Stanford in the third round of the March Madness tournament.  And yes, it's heartbreaking.  *I started this post this morning right after the defeat, and let me tell you, it is not any easier to swallow now.  My heart still hurts.*  These boys spent months working their butts off to get to this point, and no one ever wants to be the team sent home.  Usually after a loss, there are a multitude of tweets that try to rally behind the boys and oftentimes bring up all the past achievements, of which there are almost too many to count.  I'm a realistic gal with faith in the team, so I'm usually good for a retweet  or an agreeing post.  But let me tell you, people, today…I had nothin.
Nothing to tweet, that is.  But my mind was racing, because even in the face of a heartbreaking loss, I have such pride for my school that I can't help but think about the okay parts.

Because Kansas is more than just five guys on a court with a ball.

Kansas is Thomas Robinson and Jeff Withey and Mario Chalmers and Andrew Wiggins and Wayne Selden and Joel Embiid and Perry Ellis and Wilt Chamberlain.
Kansas is the Phogg.  Legendary James Naismith and Phogg Allen infused this program with a sort of magic that doesn't just happen.  There is a reason that being in Allen Fieldhouse makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and that's because of the pure magic that resides in those halls and stadium seats and championship banners.
Kansas is the Rock Chalk chant, and Waving the Wheat.
Kansas is the Campanile Bell tower and Potter's Lake and the stacks in Watson Library.
Kansas is the unbelievable fans.  As Tarik Black said, we have the best fans in America.  Young, old, students, grandparents.  There is nothing like bleeding crimson and blue, whether you graced the halls of Fraser or not.
Kansas is waking up for early, early morning lotteries and spending hours upon hours in the Fieldhouse camping to get seats for the game.
Kansas is working your ass off every year so that you can finally walk all the way through the bell tower and down that hill in your cap and gown.
Kansas is being a part of something enchanting.  Being in Allen Fieldhouse, jumping up and down, surrounded by hordes of people who all share the same desire with their whole hearts does something to you.  That video comes on, the confetti is thrown, and the screaming is so loud the Fieldhouse is shaking.  That love for the Jayhawks, for the jersey you wear on your back, that crimson and blue you rep every day, ignites inside you.
And it is a feeling unlike anything else.
It's as if the energy you exert will somehow transfer to the boys on the court, propelling that ball into the basket.  As if the louder you yell, the faster you jump up and down, the more connected you somehow are to those players.  
And do you know why we think that?  Because it's true. 
Kansas is the World's Greatest Home Court Advantage.
Kansas is the number one high school recruit choosing to play as a Jayhawk this year because when he came to visit on Senior Night, the fans and spirit impressed him so much on top of everything else that he knew KU was the place he needed to be.
Kansas is never storming the court because we're good sports, but even better winners.

Kansas is the love of KU basketball.

Would making it to the Sweet Sixteen or Final Four have been incredible?  Yes.
Would playing in the National Championship have been the quintessential, thrilling end to an already outstanding and life-changing freshman year?  Of course.
Am I still overwhelmed with happiness with the school I chose, the home I've made in Lawrence, and the fact that I bleed crimson and blue every day, no matter what?  Without a shadow of a doubt.

But really, another championship banner would have been nice..

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