Wednesday, March 26, 2014

These crazy kids…maaan do I love em.  I cannot wait until we're all reunited in Florida for the best week of beaches and key lime pie and sandy toes and card games and peach tea and hours in the pool and silliness.

Me n mama waiting for our food which happened to be THE best meal I think I've ever eaten.  Not to mention Phoenix Public Market is so cool it hurts.  It's like Hillside on steroids and I wish I owned it.  Lauren…we shall look to PPM for inspiration.

Ridiculously good.

So this place is right across the street from where I would have been living if I went to the ASU journalism school downtown….which lets be honest, is probably a good thing because I would most definitely be fat and broke by now if that was the case.

Most delicious white chocolate cranberry scone I've ever eaten.

I actually gasped when I saw these chairs.  SO GREAT I wanted them soo bad. But sadly, they did not return home with us :(

The most cliche picture, but guys…look at how perfect it is. 
Except I thought I was going to die because my flights were so turbulent it wasn't even funny.
As I was trying to do yoga breaths and gripping the seat arm the lady next to me goes "You remind me of my youngest daughter, she always gets freaked out when it's bumpy.  She was on a plane once that got hit by lightening."
You best believe my eyes popped right out of my head.
People. Come on.
That would actually, truly, 100% give me a heart attack.  And if by some miracle I survived, I think it would take a veeerrrrrrryyyyyyy long time until I got back on a flying trash can.
But I have to say, it did provide me with some comfort because hey, if a plane can get struck by lightening and carry on as if everything is bunnies in a daisy field, then surely we could survive some turbulent mountain air.
I tell ya, I was never so happy to be on solid ground after that day of flying.

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