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Saturday, April 12, 2014

So all I've done is listen to Blue October.
Can't stop won't stop.
I can feel my heart when I listen to their music.
Isn't it weird that you've never seen your heart?  Or any of your organs?  Something so vital to life that is with you every second of every day and you will most likely (hopefully?) never get to see it.
Anywayy it makes me sad cause I just keep wanting to go back and do it all over again and again because it was AWESOME.
Such a good show.  I didn't really have an image in my head of exactly what the guys looked like, but I think that's what made it so good, having no expectations.
So Justin was cool.  Like real, real cool. *peace sign + sunglasses emoji*
He was a really good performer and it was pretty damn perfect.
How can you not enjoy crazy lights and screaming songs so loud you can't hear yourself and throwing up the middle finger for the chorus of a song that goes "fuck you"?
If people went to concerts like that no one would have anger issues.
Or maybe that would make it worse.  I dunno.
But I would way rather spend my Friday night a hot and sweaty mess at a concert, screaming and dancing and enjoying good music than getting shitfaced at a bar.  
Just sayin.

So after the show I was looking up info about the band and Justin because he was wearing a cross necklace and I was curious if he was Christian or religious at all, and what I ended up coming across was two interviews done by a Houston newspaper that had nothing to do with it but were pretty interesting.
The recent one was much tamer than the article written a few years ago… Which was a shitshow.  The author, who may be huge prick with a sore spot for Justin or just a reporter doing his job, had strong feelings about the lead singer and his peppered past.
He said that he didn't believe all the hype and media coverage and stories about Justin's mental issues and whatnot.  Which, cool bro, good for you.  Your mission is to discredit a famous guy who writes good songs and has lots of fans because you're a reporter and you value the truth.  As a journalism major, I can respect that.  But then a bigger part of me says, who cares?  What's it to ya if he's schizophrenic or not?  How can you say what he feels or what goes on inside his head?
You can't.
When I was younger and would fight with my brother, my mom would always say "It doesn't matter what you think, that's how he feels" which I now realize is an excellent point.
No matter what, you can't discredit what someone feels.
So let the guy write his depressing songs and have his anxiety attacks.
What's it to ya?
Besides, if he really is faking it (which I sincerely doubt, because some of those songs…yikes.  How someone could write them without having serious issues, I do not know), then more power to him for being that creative and having that writing ability.  As a writer I can attest to the fact that we write what we know, and while imagination is a big part of it too, chances are you gravitate back to what speaks to you in your heart and your head.  Which is why I believe what Justin says.

So yeah.  What a rant. 
Blue October.
Love em.  

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