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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When Bertha gets an idea in her head, the girl cannot be stopped.
Exhibit A: The luxurious bed she threw together.
Can you say heavenly?
Except, here's the thing guys.
Sleeping outside, while really awesome in theory, can be kind of not as perfect as one would hope.
Like when the dogs keep barking at nonexistent intruders.
And swimming in the pool.
And chewing on oranges right by your head.
The moon is also a lot brighter than you might imagine.
And in case you were thinking "Wow, it must be really hot and balmy out there in Arizona at night", think again folks.  I actually had to go inside at 3:00 am to get leggings and socks and a sweatshirt.
At one point, I rolled over to look at Lauren and said, "I have been fighting the urge to go inside to my bed for a while now".  And she goes, "Me too!".
I tell ya.
But once I threw my hood up and snuggled up under the covers, I may have actually slept for longer than 20 minutes without waking up.

All unperfect things aside, is there anything more summery than sleeping outside?  I'm thankful that Arizona doesn't have annoying bugs or gross humidity, and lets you do actual fun stuff (occasionally).
And the stars…oh, the stars, guys.
So awesome.

I have a feeling we may go for round two tonight, since we'll be veterans and all.
No dogs this time though.
Nooo sir.

Ma fav girl Molly Jean gets here tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!
In case you couldn't tell by the excess of exclamations points, I'M SO EXCITED!
What I'm not so pumped about is the fact that Slide Rock Park is apparently on fire…not cool, Mother Nature.  I was gonna take MollDoll there to be wowed.  Time for Plan B.

Until the next adventure.

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