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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh how I love that Lauren lives with her sis and brudder in law in a gorgeous house in a beautiful neighborhood 30 minutes from the beaches of Laguna and that they luuuhv visitors.
I mean, the neighborhood's name is Rancho Santa Margarita.
Come on, people.

I left for California right on the heels of muh fam's road trip extravaganza (more of which you shall be seeing later).  Got home Wednesday night, left for Cali Thursday afternoon.
The things I do for love.
Okay but really, it was awesome.  Not like I was expecting anything less.
Baby Eli is chubby and adorable as always, the waves were insane at the beach, and Brandy Melville sent me into a tizzy yet again.
Also, Lauren has the most comfortable bed in the entire world and I basically took any chance I could get to lay in it.  

(This is after my bathing suit bottoms came untied at the public pool. Happy 4th) 


Last night I found this note on my phone from 6.15.14.
"I used to worry about my house and my things.  Now that I've left and I've lived, I worry about my heart and my mind.  I know now that there's so much more than walls and a ceiling.  There's people and laughter and joy and that can be anywhere.  When you find it, it's worth holding on to."
I spend a lot of my time missing people and places I love.  It's a burden I've not yet grown accustomed to, even though I've had years of practice.  I wonder if everyone feels the same way, like they will never be with all the people they love.  I am fully aware that a) it's probably physically impossible, unless maybe you can bribe everyone with a wedding and b) that's just life.
Like I said, I'm working on it.

One thing I know with my absolute entire being is that I have been blessed with Lauren as my best friend.  She is the kindest, purest, most generous, hysterical, long-limbed, modest, talented lady I know.  And she may take hours in the bathroom doing lord knows what, is occasionally a bit of a diva, and might watch a little too much Real Housewives.  But I can honestly say I can't remember the last time she ever got unnecessarily frustrated or did anything mean-spirited.  
The girl is basically a saint.
And sure as heck sounds like one.

Snaps for Bertha Black, my BFFL!

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