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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Katherine Agnes here, with a dose of my daily wandering thoughts.
HA. Just kidding.
There's no way you guys could handle that.
This is merely a carefully selected grouping of relatively notable thoughts.
So much better.

I've been reading The Matt Walsh Blog, which is full of delectably scathing, opinionated, and excellently crafted blog posts on just about any hot society topic that fires Mr. Walsh up.  His diction is superb and there's even a post where he completely tears a reader's angry email to shreds.  
It's a must read, people.  I know "reading" can be somewhat of a foreign concept to some humans in these days of 6-second video clips, but push yourselves a little and click the link why don't ya.
He's basically my idol as of now. 
 Which isn't to say I agree with everything he says.  I just wholeheartedly respect, understand, and appreciate where he is coming from.  Gotta love a guy who puts his critical thoughts out into this crazy, backwards world via intelligent, thoughtful, and ruthless concoctions.

I just revealed in a weekend of country music, open windows, hands out the sunroof, big country driving, and it still wasn't enough.
Usually people who don't care for country music that much at least acknowledge that summer is it's season.
While I happen to think country music can be wonderful year-round, I too agree that there is just something about those summer months that begs for the sounds of Jason Aldean (who is currently my favorite) and cheesy lyrics.
Also:  my good pal MC Kenna just asked me to go see Kodaline with her when they come to LFK and I *gasp!* didn't know who they were.
Oh how silly I was and how enlightened I am now.

I have been hella crafty lately because I need something to keep me busy so I don't jump out of my skin with anticipation.  Seriously guys, I can't sleep at night.
No joke.
I just have so many thoughts swirling around about how awesome it's going to be and how it's killing me that Mads and Ry are already there and I just want to get my butt to Lawrence right fricken now!
I've made:
 three dreamcatchers (first one was not up to snuff and is now being disassembled for parts), two dyed pillow cases, gold glitter dipped feathers for a hanging wood fiber project that's in the works
I've found:
Sweet Anthropologie duvet cover on sale for $80, two sick A lamps from Goodwill, each for $2.50, a stool on sale from Michael's for $6, a vase on sale, some flowers, an on-sale Anthro shower curtain that I bought to make into pillows because of the adorable tassels, more pillowcases, a poster, and a rug.
I have in the works:
hanging wood thing, two dreamcatchers, a tie dye shirt, the wood top to my bedside table, lampshade for my nighstand.

That doesn't even cover the stuff I have to do in Lawrence once I get there.
See, people, see why I'm so anxious?  I feel like I can't start anything big until we're actually there.  
So I just stare at my little pile of stuff and daydream all day and all night.

My blurry artist girl outfit from yesterday.  
Very Pinterest and I-live-in-an-art-studio-and-oh-is-that-ink-on-my-hands-and-paint-in-my-hair?-I-didn't-even-notice-becuase-I'm-so-busy-being-creative-and-cool. 

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