If I Were A Zombie I'd Never Do My Homework

Friday, October 3, 2014

Because I have a speech to write (and present on Monday) and I will do anything to not write and memorize that speech, here I am.
Writing a blog post.
Perfecting my procrastination.
Thank you, thank you.
Please-I'm blushing. Hold the applause to the end.

This is what I did last night.
I don't think that's weird, do you?
It was the closest I've ever felt to being on an episode of Supernatural and I can't say I didn't enjoy it.

I mean, how great is this?
Just reminded me how much I freaking love Halloween.
Chris had to cover the Zombie Walk for his journalism class and I ended up seeing some old peeps (who were also there for class) that I really like and really missed. 
Plus I ate an ENTIRE Chipotle burrito afterwards courtesy of Chris.
And I didn't even regret it that much at all.


Also I loved my outfit and got so many complements on it that I figured I should post a selfie or two.
Molly was going to take pics for me but the day just got away from me.
Sad face.
Let me just explain to you why it's such a good outfit though.
First: the turban and pants are from Arizona Trading Company.  For those of you who thrift at all, you know how awesome a great find is.  That was these pants for sure: I had been looking for patterned pants for forever, and sure enough, these fit PERFECTLY and are adorable.
Second: the turban is the best color ever and goes wonderfully with the pants.  It's also so weird and everyone stared at me all day but who cares.  Weird is why I like it.
I'm sure this outfit will be on repeat and so photogs will be a thing soon enough.

Also soon enough:
ma mere will be here tomorrow!

Not soon enough:
going home with Chris to St. Louis for fall break.
His friends are coming tonight and so I get to meet them.  And he gets to meet my mom.
Lots of meeting this weekend.
Last time that happened it was a really, really good weekend.
One of my favs.
Made it to the happy jar, people.
So, no pressure, This Weekend.
I'm sure you'll stack up.

Anytime in the future would be too soon:
my speech on Monday.
Guess I should get back to that.

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