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Saturday, November 22, 2014

 Yeah no, I'm a sophomore in college.
It's cool though, I'm really mature.

I have some of the most fun with my BFF Molly who snapped these pics. She's the coolest cat and I feel like just hanging around her rubs some of that off on me (maybe? hopefully?).
Last night she and Rylie were in my room looking to raid my closet.
"Where are your overalls?"
"Can I borrow that dress?"
I said, "I love you guys."
And then Molly says, "I need you to dress me on Monday!!" because she has an interview at Urban Outfitters. 
As if her outfits aren't layered and unique and Molly enough.
I laugh.
I'd love to say I know someone who works at Urban though…dream come true. 

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  1. i found your blog through insta, and i'm so glad i did! you are absolutely fascinating, and these pictures are enchanting. can't wait to follow along. xo