Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Going to downtown Phoenix has become somewhat of a ritual for me and mi mum.
We eat at Phoenix Public Market, which is joyous in itself. I used to work at a really local, super hipster cafe called Hillside. It's one mile from our house and we ate there so much I already knew I loved it before I even applied.
Lauren sang there on the weekends too, so between my shifts and her gigs I spent a considerable amount of time in that little place.
And it took about a year for the charm to wear off and me to less than love working there.
It's only natural, right?
I still love it and could die eating their food (pancakes…breakfast burrito…pulled pork…omfg).
But anyway, the point of that ramble was to say that PBM is like Hillside's cooler, more sophisticated older sister who went away to Portland or Seattle for college and got even cooler.
And their food is delicious, of course.
We also always go to antique shops, which is not your average downtown thing to do but we are locals and know the good joints.
So we hit em up and usually always get something good even if we don't need it.
For instance, this trip I got a black and white patterned tablecloth.
For $7, why pass that up?
I envisioned it as a throw for my bed when my room is done (which will never happen), but it turns out it also makes an excellent makeshift shawl.
Totally couldn't even tell it's a tablecloth……...

I didn't really want to wear this outfit because it's something I would wear in Kansas because it's actually cold there.
But it was cold here too so I gave in.

Also, I love moose.

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