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Sunday, January 4, 2015

New year, new blog.
Cliche right?
Don't care.
I had been wanting to clean up this space for quite some time, and after considerable frustration, I finally gave in and bought a pre-made template.
I know a teeeensy bit of HTML, and I can edit and change blog shiz here and there when I devote some time to it, but I just couldn't do what I wanted. So I gave in and bought a template for $1.99.
Yeah, not a big risk.
Plus it's worth it because I'm finally content with the look and feel.

Not only are the side bars nice and pretty and there's a hella cool Pinterest gadget, but there is also a new name.
And I'm sure that anyone who sees it is going to wonder what it means, why it's there, where it came from.
The super funny thing about that is that I don't know.
Actually though.
But I'll tell you what I do know.
My best friend's brother-in-law, Aaron, uses (at least when I last visited) the phrase in real life, sort of as a joke. It's not something you throw out real serious, ya know?
The actual origin of piss poor is a bit debated.  Some think it comes from the idea that urine used to be sold to tanneries, and if you had to sell to them then you were "piss-poor".
The handy-dandy WorldWideWords begs to differ.

"The origin is straightforward. Piss began to be attached to other words during the twentieth century to intensify their meaning. Ezra Pound invented piss-rotten in 1940 (distasteful or unpleasant, the first example on record) and we’ve since had piss-easy (very easy), piss-weak (cowardly or pathetic), piss-elegant (affectedly refined, pretentious), piss-awful (very unpleasant) and other forms."


It's hard to explain my thought process on this, but ever since Aaron jokingly suggested changing my blog name to piss poor a year or two ago, I've been intrigued.
First of all, I think it's kind of hilarious when you use the phrase in real life because it's not the most common. It usually involves a loud voice and laughter, in my experience.
To me, naming the blog Piss Poor is sarcastic in a way I can't totally articulate.
It's a little bit like, you can think me or my blog is silly or crap or PISS POOR but I just beat ya to it.

I named my blog Pisteuo because I heard the word and thought it was cool. But the thing is, it has real meaning. I know someone whose blog is named Pisteuo because it means faith, and that is what their blog (and life) is centered around. It seems wrong to name my fashion and random things about my life blog after a word that really shouldn't be used just because it sounds cool.
I also am not a fan of naming my blog after myself. I know people do it and it works, but I just don't want my name at the top of the page, ya know? 

So maybe enough people will tell me Piss Poor actually doesn't make sense, or I'll get tired of trying to come up with the right explanation and it'll change to something else.
We shall see.
I still have this vision of reading an article about myself and the blog, and seeing it in print. And perhaps a witty quote from me about what Piss Poor means.

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