The Best Day Ever

Friday, March 27, 2015

Mama got a sub for Friday and we carpe-diemed the shit out of the day. We were out of the house by 8:00 a.m. and at a window-side table at Hillside. Split pancakes and a breakfast burrito later, we made our first stop at the Phoenix Art Museum to see the Andy Warhol portrait exhibit. We had been to the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh before, and were slightly underwhelmed by the fact that it was going to be just portraits at our museum.
 I rarely enjoy being proven wrong, but this was a treat. 
The annoying Instagramer and documenter in me was struggling with the "No Pictures" thang. As you can see I snapped the least-rebellious one possible. Plus you gotta respect the art. You know. 
Then of course we did the whole downtown Melrose tour as per usual, followed by visiting almost every Forever 21 in a 50 mile radius.
Twas a full day.

My mom found a workbench to do taxidermy on and she kept saying, "This is the best day ever!"
And then she found a white sweatshirt at H&M which is apparently harder to find that one might think,  and it really was the best day ever.

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