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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Don't you love days where things go your way, exciting opportunities begin to take shape, you're motivated and inspired and looking forward to something, and the weather is perfectly cool and cloudy grey with a little sun?
Yeah, this girl does.
This outfit, though not from today, is very representative of me right now.
Simple, understated, yet still a statement.  I love, love, love (a little too much) the bold lip, just mascara look. It feels weird to put liner on now, especially if it isn't liquid, black and winged.
I used to be queen of the smoky liner.
Times change.
These are my favorite pants ever and I got them from Forever 21 four years ago……. so it's safe to say I am actively dreading the day I put them on and they rip mercilessly in the worst spot ever.
Prayers and long-lasting vibes welcome.

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