Yeah, That's A Prison

Monday, April 13, 2015

From a million years ago. How these posts slips through the cracks, I will never know.

Rylie came home today much happy: she was off work early, it was 60 degrees out, and we had the afternoon to ourselves.
So we shopped. And explored.
Does it get any better than that?
One thing I love about this area is that there is always something historical or adventuresome to do. Neat buildings to discover, sights where shit went down, or just enjoyable things like First Fridays in the city.
It's loads of fun and way cool.
This place was on the 169 Things To Do in Kansas City list and boy let me tell you: #worthit.
As soon as we walked up and saw all the stairs and doorways and empty rooms and holes in the wall, we got definite chills.
We kinda had a slight moment of freaked outedness but then we laughed at how silly we were and quickly got over it.
And it turns out Ry is quite the little undaunted spider monkey.
As if I'm surprised.
She coo, she coo.

It's hard to capture the entire place in one picture.
There are no ceilings or floors above you, so trees are growing and it's three stories worth of walls to look up. My favorite was the room with the iron door still attached at the top.
I would love to know what the floor plan was when it was operating in it's prime, because now it's mainly three large open areas, with little rooms and entrances and walls here and there. 

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