Chicago: Part 1

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I realized on Wednesday that after training, I had no work or internship until at least Tuesday after the long weekend.
And then my immediate thought:
I held off asking Molly because I wasn't sure if it was too soon, since she would only have been home a week. But on Thursday I told her and by Saturday morning I was off.
After talking to everyone I usually get opinions from, I was feeling more than a little worried. Eight hours is a long time but I felt really sure that I could handle it no problem.
Turns out I was right.
More on the drive later, but it was empowering. Which sounds sort of silly, but is still true. 
I quite enjoyed it and it was so very worth it for the end result.
My tour started as soon as I got in. Molly took me to downtown Glen Ellyn, where she lives, and then downtown Chicago to walk around, eat, and watch the Blackhawks game.
It was such a beautiful day out and people flocked to the city. There was so much inspiration just walking around-people's style made me want to start a blog like the Sartorialist.

It was the perfect introduction to the weekend.

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