Monday, June 15, 2015

Before we start I'd like to point out that the title of this post is a play on words.

I'm gonna be honest people, these pictures make Leavenworth look a lot better than it really was.
I had the day off from all works and nothing to do except search for the perfect house plant and drive an hour away to an antique mall, which was definitely the best part of the trip. I would go back for the antiques, but as far as the rest of "downtown" goes… I don't need six sewing shops. 
Idk. Just me.
Notice how there isn't anyone in that last picture? That's because it was deserted, except for two creepy old men. I've been watching a lot of crime shows…like a lot. I semi-joke that Detectives Benson and Stabler are my best friends because I see them more than anyone else. But anyway, it's made me extra paranoid and I was more on edge here than driving to Chicago.
So, I wouldn't return to the first city in Kansas despite it's obvious historic worth, mostly because everyone there drives the speed limit or less. And in the wrong lane (ever heard of passing on the left people??).

In any case, this little venture did make me feel very independent. I love being able to just up and go somewhere if I really want, or spend all day going from thrift shop to Ace Hardware looking for the perfect pot and fern. 
It also inspired me to dub this the summer of exploration. I hate to make these official resolutions because I lack self-discipline and tend to care mediocre-ly about everything. But I think this will be easy to do because there are lots of places in KC I still have to check off my list. 

Also, I've already been to:
-the antique store on 6th
-Buckam park

I'm going to:
-Pittsburgh (not for the first time but in a long time)
-Washington D.C (see above)
-Niagra Falls

And so I solemnly swear, despite any safety or time concerns/fears, to stop at the World's Largest Truck stop, any dingy diners, random antique shops, or Amish communities that I may come across, if I so desire and can convince whoever else may be in the vehicle at the time. 

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