California: Day One

Sunday, October 30, 2016

2:00pm: Tanaka Farms
So we may have lounged around in bed, drinking coffee and eating leftover Mexican food for breakfast (Lauren) for quite a while. In my defense, it's a two hour time difference in Cali.
Then we made a Target run for tonight's essentials. Target is my happy place, especially with Lo.
And then we headed to the pumpkin patch for a quick photo op, cider sip and pumpkin pick. I also got to meet the famous Nick. They kissed and I said ew.

4:00pm: In N Out
How could we not? This way I only have to last three weeks before my next chance at some scrumptious fries.

10:00pm: Partay
I wish we had gotten a better picture of our outfits because they were spot on, people.
I mean, Lauren's deer make-up was perfect and my scales were so, so cool.
Alas, mirror selfies, normal selfies for scale reference and bad bar lighting pics are all we have to remember last night's fun.

That's all for day one! Check back tomorrow to see how we recover and spend our Sunday.

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