California: Day Two

Sunday, October 30, 2016

10:00am: Bagels
Or, bagrls, as hungover Lauren texts. I do not have any photographic evidence of the cloudy grey morning and much-needed breakfast because I only wanted to eat my one cheese bagel and one chocolate chip (who can choose)?

11:00am: Lounge
We ate, we lounged, and then we lounged some more. Somehow still tired after not doing much of anything all day in preparation for Lauren's gig (and my continued not doing anything).

5:00pm: Casa del Camino
Lauren's Sunday gig is in the cozy and historic Laguna Beach hotel with ocean views. I get to hang at the bar or the comfy couch while Lauren croons to us all. Tonight I got to chat with some regulars about Kansas, the Steelers, and how Lauren is the best of all time.
I also had a scrumptious filet mignon with mashed potatoes and spinach and demi glaze. 
Solid night.

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