California: Day Three

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Quite possibly the best day ever.

11:00am: Rouse Self
So, clearly we weren't the earliest risers this weekend, but we still managed to accomplish quite a lot! In honor of it being Halloween, Bertha made some delicious pumpkin pancakes and we watched Halloweentown while we noshed.
How perfect is that?

2:00pm: Pacific City
Aka the most chic and Californian outdoor mall. Think succulents, weathered wood, white walls and ocean views.
Oh, and a champagne and flower shop.
Yep, that's right.
Everything about Petals and Pop was curated perfectly, down to the glittery Halloween touches and the sparkly glasses we sipped from. The shop adds liquor to the champagne-we chose blackberry and then sipped until we could sip no more. Well, first we took thirteen thousand pictures.
Did I mention the girl working there had an electric blue wig with metallic stars? I bet she's that cool everyday, not just Halloween.

4:00pm: Lunch
The late afternoon lunch was another trend of ours-sort of unavoidable when you wake up past normal breakfast time. Because of our champagne we were just a bit tipsy and giggly while choosing our lunch spot, which ended up being perfect. Lots of restaurants are embracing the tapas style menu, which basically means you can just order a bunch of stuff, and keep ordering if you want.
We got a Ceasar salad to share, and I had fish tacos and Lauren had the lobster roll.
People, it was so good. So, so good.
Made even better by the ocean view to our right and the near-empty patio we dined on. 


7:00pm: Halloween
We rushed back home to make chili to complete the perfect Halloween night.
We ate a lot of candy.
We took 30 minutes to decide on the appropriate Halloween movie, which ended up being Halloween II.

And that concludes the third and most wonderful day of the weekend. These kinds of outings make me want to move to California and not look back! Every single time we are together Lauren and I talk about how much living together would up our game. We are basically social media content creators for fun, and then both use that to further our interests and careers. It's hard not to consider moving to California, especially since now is the time. I don't think I would ever do it without Lauren living there and knowing the ropes. With graduation coming up, I have to start seriously consider where I am going to be come June (or even May!). After this trip I'm nursing a little bit of longing to return to the familiarity of the west coast.
It's a battle of the coasts! California or Seattle? The two are entirely different but both offer so much.

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