Sunday, November 13, 2016

Her apartment is so cozy and adorable and perfectly decorated. 
You can hear the city through the windows: sirens at 2am, people walking their dogs, the steady stream of cars and movement and life.
Yesterday I drove up in the afternoon and by six o'clock I knew I wouldn't be driving home that night.
When you've got a free night and a cozy Molly bed, why leave?
We returned to her apartment to change after quite the adventure finding a Freddy's (a girl's gotta eat). As we were putting on pajamas, Molly remembered that she wanted to go to Target to look for a garland to complete her Christmas decor.
"We could still go. Wanna go? Let's go."
So I put on some Hunter booties and my leather jacket over my borrowed (and super cute) pjs, and off we went.
We wandered.
We gathered.
We bought fuzzy socks, Christmas pjs, a bear pillow, popcorn and gift tags while talking about how hard adulting and being financially smart is.
And then we went home, edited photos and watched Christmas With the Kranks, which happens to be my favorite Christmas movie.
Gotta love it.
I am soaking up these spontaneous adventures in this city. There is so much about Kansas City that will be hard to leave and the only consolation I have is the possibility of returning later in life.
Who knows?

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