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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Velvet? Yes.
Joggers? Duh.
Ruffles? On point.
I generally try to refrain from going trend-crazy, mostly because I want to buy items that are worth their weight! But it's fun to grab something that is in at the moment, and most of these things are. Plus, velvet and ruffles make for perfect holiday outfits. I love planning outfits for the holiday season. 
I have a little something something on the way from Zara right now that will be super ruffly and fun.
I can't wait to show you guys!

I've also been totally hooked on face masks. I started following Chriselle Lim during Paris fashion week and let me tell you, that girl is fab. She also has the most amazing skincare routine and snaps every night with a new mask. It's kind of addicting. And since Urban has $3 can I not try them out in the name of good customer service? 
They also make lovely gifts or stocking stuffers! I love giving gifts that are useful or practical but still something fun that that person wouldn't necessarily buy themselves.

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