Lost and Found

Friday, December 9, 2016

The stacks are quite possibly my favorite place on campus. Allen Fieldhouse doesn't count because it's a given. But the stacks...I think I found them my freshman year. The submarine-stacked floors are squished together, laced with stairs and pocketed with wooden desks and windows to light the floating dust specks. The common myth is that couples find secluded areas to be, ahem, alone, but the silence makes it difficult to even breath without worry. The silence is reverent of the books upon books upon books. The silence keeps the spell bound.
You could creep through each row, each level, for days. I myself have my favorite spots and I know others who frequent the haven do, too. I much prefer the antiquated reprieve of the stacks than the popular and overcrowded main library floors.
Give me a romantic hideaway any day.

This outfit is one that will never get old and can be adjusted to fit the trends. Right now, the lace slip dress is all the rage, so it was a no-brainer to tuck it in to my high-waisted jeans. The sweater adds a cozy element and the bow softens what would be a potentially edgier outfit. And the boots...they are my best friends. I'm not kidding when I say I've worn these boots every day in the colder months for at least two years, and then somewhat less frequently since. They have such cool details and I never get sick of them. I got them four years ago at the Nordstrom sale, but Free People has a pair remarkably similar. The price tag is a little scary but I can attest that if the quality is enough to last you four years, you will be getting more than your moneys worth all four years. 
You can find my Anthropologie hair ribbon here, but I linked a bunch of other options below. Tis the season to go crazy on the velvet, eh? I also tagged a few chunky cardigan options as well. The one I'm wearing was a lucky find in Forever 21 so, you know how that goes...

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