Thursday, December 29, 2016

The day after Christmas requires wearing boyfriend jeans and going to see a movie, right?
If so, I totally nailed it.
As weird as it felt to not be wearing black or white, it felt good to wear a bit more of a laid-back look. 

I've been thinking a lot about how I appear through social media. These days it's totally normal to meet people through the internet, whether as friends or collaborators. It's even more likely that I won't ever get to meet the majority of the people on the other end of the screen, and that's a bit frightening. I think I often forget that the only insight most followers or random likers get is through whatever picture I'm posting, the few words I may pair with it, and the occasional story about beauty products. I take for granted that people I interact with on a daily basis-family, friends, professors, coworkers- know that there is more to me than that, but how will the people finding me on Instagram know anything other than what I give them?
It's weird, if you ask me. I've never really thought about how I look through that lens because I really didn't have to care. But if I am going to pursue this seriously, then I want to be as genuine here and on Instagram as I am in real life. Which is hard. Because sometimes it's so much easier to write a silly one-liner than a paragraph about whatever is preoccupying my brain that day. But the only way I can justify it is because I care about other people who I've never met, and it's because they share their life with me. I've been following some people on Instagram for years, before their babies were born or they bought their new house or they were as successful as they are now. 
I must say, "So there's this girl I follow..." at least three times a day, whether it's because of a vegan recipe or a Gucci loafer or cute baby.
Why? Why do I care?
I think it's because they're honest and open and genuine, and I enjoy reading about other people's lives, each beautiful and successful in their own way. There are so many negatives to social media and Instagram but there are so many good things, too. Most of that is connecting with other humans.
That I like. And so that is what I will try to do.

Happy New Year? That's what people keep saying to me, so, yeah. Happy happy.

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