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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Things I Will Miss:

Amazing dinners and yummy food everyday.

A fire and a couch and a tv.

Time to finish three 500+ page books in three days.


My pups :(

I'm entering that stage of "it's warm here and I don't want to do school work and pack and ride on an airplane" and waaahhhh.
The end is near.
The leisure is dissipating.
The number of home cooked meals in front of me is going doowwwnn hill.
The freedom of having a car will soon be no more.

Dare I say I don't want to go back?
I don't want to say that cause it's not true, but I am experiencing some new-semester jitters.
As in, I just read the syllabus for a class I thought would be a piece of cake and it's actually a whole crap ton of work.
Like yikes, guys, yikes.
I'm scurred.

Wish me luck on what is sure to be one heck of a semester.

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