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Hi there.

I'm an Arizona native who couldn't resist the University of Kansas and the sweet town of Lawrence. I've created a life and a home for myself here in the midwest and a huge part of that is the awesome people I'm surrounded by (and the fact that everything here is green). I moved to Kansas City after graduating from KU in May and am learning to shake the restless out of my bones and settle in.

What I'm going to eat is pretty much the one thing always on my mind besides prioritizing what my next clothing purchase will be. I keep lists of words and names and ideas. Breakfast and Mexican are my favorite food groups. My style is simplifying itself every day. Many of my nights are spent at concerts, but I remain a morning person no matter how late my eyes shut. I drink a lot of $5 wine. I love to wander through antique shops, thrift stores and West Bottoms. I am not a coffee snob but I tend to judge just about everything else.

  I am strengthening my craft with creative writing, gaining practical skills through journalism, and embracing every opportunity to sharpen my communication skills. My strength is finding the words to express an idea so that everyone can understand. I like real talk and people who deliver, so you can expect both from me.

I pride myself on being reliable, empathetic, and creative. I want my work to speak for itself. I strive to connect and communicate with people and constantly expand the world around me. 

I am currently seeking a writing/editing/digital marketing/content creating position in the Kansas City area.

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