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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back at it, people.
Is there anything better than finding out that your 8:00 am class doesn't start until halfway through March?
I can tell you, there is not.

This past weekend was incredibly inspiring.  
Full of so many great, loving people ready and willing to serve at the Dwelling Place.  The DP is an old, empty, ransacked Christian hospital that Penny, the owner, got at a ridiculously low price (if God has a will, God sure as heck has a way!).  The DP will serve the homeless, the medically underserved, HIV/AIDS patients, families coming to visit, and anyone else who needs a helping hand.  Currently, they serve meals to the homeless in the area and are working crazy hard to get the place up and running.  
That's where we came in.
There were about 30 of us worker bees trucked in from Lawrence to help haul, clean, organize, sort, worship, praise, and love.
And boy did we!  
It was incredible that a place so full of ruins could feel so much like home.
There truly was a presence of God in that building and in those people, and that made for a very special three days in a very special place.

I can't wait to go back.

Some really great finds in that crazy basement of theirs...

This is what the upper levels of the building looked like.  
We played Sardines on the second floor.  
At night.
In the dark.
There were Freddy masks and lots of shrieking involved, let me tell you.

Before three of us got to work on this room, it was a disorganized jumble of kids clothes, moldy toys, and creepy dolls.  This was the section I worked in and we were so proud of the results!

And after:

Crazy to think that our hands touched every single piece of clothing in there.  Hopefully those who touch it next will in turn be touched by God and the love we had for the future inhabitants of the building.

Penny has a project in South Africa, too, that helps those with HIV/AIDS.
Next stop, Ukukhanya Life Care Center?

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