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Thursday, January 9, 2014

I swear I'll be better, I swear.
No, not really.
I must not tell a lie.
Okay I'll try.

So welcome back to reality, somewhat.  The holidays are over but I (hehehe) still have until next Friday to luxuriate in the Arizona warmth and enjoy: barn visits to my favorite trainer/best friend, having a kitchen to cook in, a car to drive, and a fireplace.
Because, ya know, dorm rooms suck.
Anyway, I've had your average healthy-eating, three-friended college student break.  Hanging out with friends and family..  I've been riding (woohoo!) and reading.  Like, a lot.  I finished the Divergent series in about three days..ha.  Cried like a baby through the last 40 pages of Allegiant and I AM NOT ASHAMED.  It's a damn good book and I hope one day I can elicit as many emotions from my readers and Victoria Roth did out of me.

1. An outfit.  I like patterns to mix.  Get at me.

2.  What do you even want me to say about him that you aren't already thinking in your head?

 3. Just cool.  Love the words and the location.  One of the guys in my fiction writing class had a tattoo in German like this and I thought it was sups cool yo.

3.  A secret project HEHEH

 4. One of my favorite things in the whole wide world: a horse nose.  I just love em. And the rest of the animal, too.  Especially my pony boy that I've been riding (and jumping! and falling off of!) since I've been home.  The barn will always be my real home.

That's all, folks.
Check back soon I SWEAR I'll have a new post.
Okay, so not tooo soon..

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