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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Things I Want But Will Try To Restrain Myself From Buying

Uno: These slightly weird but beautiful babies are class-ay to the max.  If we're being honest, I think I'd rather have a really bright fun pair, since I usually wear all black to work out.  But then, how can you pass these cool things up?

Dos: This incredibly bright, happy hat.  I love beanies, but most of mine are grey.  One thing I've realized living in Kansas is that you wear a lott of dark colors in the winter, and a bright little thing can go a long way.
P.S. check out the Little Blonde Book
 I just discover Miss Taylor and am totally inspired by her style.

Tres:  This is absolutely necessary and undoubtedly happening.  I just can't decide what number I want, but once I do…it's on.

Speaking of which, this afternoon me and my mom went to a KU recruitment event for high school kids who have been accepted to KU and are trying to make their final decision.  I went last year as a high school senior and it was the little push I needed to convince me that KU was indeed the place for me.
It was a great event then and I was super happy to return as a current student and stand up in front of everyone and brag about how great KU is.
There's nothing I love more than gushing rock chalk love all over anyone who will listen.
I hope I convinced some baby Jays.
KU is awesomesauce.

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