21 is a magic number

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today as we were waiting for the basketball game to start, an older and very, very wise friend of mine asked me three things I had learned so far my freshman year.  I told him that I learned which streets were one way, and which way, that it's good to talk to your professors and build relationships with them, and that I can survive the snow (ha ha).
The tricky part about answering that question, though, was that I've learned so much more than just three things.
So I figured I'd list em out.
Just for shits n gigs.

Things I Have Learned So Far At College
1// Why the trees change color in the fall
2// Coming from campus, the streets go Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky,Vermont, Massachusetts (right..?)
3// You can be very lonely, or very surrounded by peeps, it's up to you
4// There is no better place than Allen Fieldhouse
5// Where the stacks are in Watson, and the best place to study in them
6// Fuzzy's Taco's are the bomb, Wheatfield's biscuits are bigger than my head, Milton's has great coffee, and Ingredient is the all-around champion
7// Snow days can make you crazy
8// The Cave is a great place to go if you want to be sweaty and surrounded by stupid drunk people and get alcohol spilled on you and dance till you can't dance anymore and not care how you look because you know they won't remember in the morning
9// Don't respond to the guy who asked for your number at said club when he texts you
10// Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors are an amazing band and group of people
11// God can answer your prayers in ways you never imagined
12// Thursday nights make me the happiest (Young Life peeps)
13// No matter what, I will always fangirl when I see a basketball player on campus
14// I am always going to be missing someone I love
15// I am always going to be meeting more people that I love
16// You probably shouldn't make the same mistake more than once, but even if you do, realizing you made it is a step in the right direction to not doing it again
17// God can help you out with those mistakes
18// Saying you're sorry never hurts
19// Some people will never change, so you shouldn't expect things to be different the second or third time around
20// People will forgive you and keep loving you
21// I love many things about Arizona, but Lawrence now feels like home

21 is a good ending number because it just so happens to be the number on the jersey I will be receiving shortly and wearing with pride.
Atta boy, Jojo.

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