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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A glorious Sunday!  When we came out of church, it was snowing!  Madi was volunteering in the nursery for the next service, so I trotted down to a coffee shop and worked on some homework while watching big, beautiful snow flurries out the window.
Then we walked down to the Global Cafe for some good eatin.
Our waiter was a little occupied with my outfit.
"I have to ask.." he says about the third time he comes by our table, "Are you dressed up for a reason or is this just like everyday..?"  
I loled.  Madi told him I like to look pretty.  Which is true I suppose.
And a waitress also complimented me on this dress, so I guess it's a good one!

Bloopers and snow.
I especially like the fact that I just dyed my hair darker and the ends look like ombre.

The photographer herself.

We ducked into an alley to take these pictures because I thought that taking off my coat and scarf and gloves in front of people would be too much for them to handle.
As if I'm not weird enough, I galavant through the snow in normal clothes and make my roomie take pictures of me.
The life of a blogster.

I am SUPER pumped for this week cause I will have lots of special visitors for my birthday, including my very best friend.
I can't wait.

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