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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Local Natives.
It was actually glorious.
It just kinda sucks when you're tired of standing and your feet hurt and the people in front of you are hella weird.
But you know when you listen to the band the day after the concert and you really realize just how awesome the concert really was?
What made it extra sups cool was the peeps that came down to see it.  Molly had friends from Lincoln, Nebraska, who are also all in a band, who came and hung out.
Let me tell you..they are hysterical.  Not even in your average cracking jokes, funny lines kind of way.
In the offbeat, quirky, "fuckin" and "dude" every other word and random ass comments kind of hysterical.
I think I was laughing the entire time we hung out.

So. Cool, cool.
Did I mention we were second row?


I don't really know what it is with the Granada, but apparently claustrophobia-making fog is a necessity. 

They came back for an encore (k seriously, what's even the point? everyone knows everyone is gonna come back out) and it was FAH-reaking awesome.
The main singer, Taylor Rice, hopped down into the crowd.
It was one of those split-second moments where everyone was like wtf..
And then mobbed on him.
It was insane.  IN.sane. 
And super intense crazy fun.

My best concert-going buddy MollDoll.  Love that girl to pieces.

 photo ScreenShot2014-03-26at70429PM_zps4b0f653f.png

P.S. Admittance: being back at the Granada made me wish I was there for Blue October again. 
P.P.S. The opener for LN was hella weird, which I think he would probably take as a compliment.  Moses Sumny.  You actually should go check him out because it's really interesting music and his voice is super unique.  Now that I listened to his recorded stuff I can tell that seeing him live is a billion and one times better because he does all these sound effects by himself (we make music..with our mouths!) and it's impressive.
At one point he was doing this really ridiculous tongue thing…..and I made eye contact with a guy in the crowd and we were both just like uhhh what the crap..and laughing.  Good moment, good moment.

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