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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Woken up this morning at 4:34 to a raging thunderstorm…Arizona summer storms are something special, no doubt.  There is nothing like sitting outside in the balmy night air and watching the entire cloudy sky light up with each crack of lightening, that smell of dust and rain and creosote mingling.
But this storm…it was awwweesome.  And I loved laying in bed listening to it, even though it was two hours before I had to get up for my 8 am class. 
So there you have it.  Not much going on.
Planning a road trip.  
Not writing some papers.
Drinking some coffee.
But O M G guys, there is one supercalifragalistic development…. Molly is coming to visit this summer!  As in tickets booked, plans in the works, MollDoll and Kathy pool sun movie chill time confirmed.
I can.not.wait.
Yippee! Yehoo! *jumps and clicks heels together* 

As an aside:
Somebody really needs to tell these people next to me to get a room.
Like, barf.
I'm all for being in love and whatever.
But please keep your gross kissing and face touching and awk intense stares and weird closeness and jacket smelling and pop tart feeding to yourself please.
I guess a really tiny piece of me somewhere deep and far away acknowledges the potential cuteness of them being in love.
But then mostly I just feel bad in a cynical way because they haven't gotten to the bitching and painful part yet, and embarrassed because they're acting like they're high school freshman. 

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