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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A lovely summer day.

Tacos and truck stops.  Planning our road trip over Mangoes Cafe enchiladas, rice, beans, tacos and chips.
My kinda plate.

Happiness in a bag.

We stopped at Urban on the way home and so I went from this...

 …to this.

Turns out hair chalking is kind of slightly really addictive and can make you feel like a total badass right in the comfort of your own home.

Who knew.

Now its back to work for the week (is this summer or what?).
The really awesome great thing though, is that I totally and 100% love my job.
How lucky.
I get paid to hang out with kids all day, play games, color, ration Goldfish, go on field trips, and listen to the hysterical, sweet, and surprising things we all know only kiddos can come up with.
My first hour on the job, someone lost a tooth, and one kid came up to me to say that another boy called him a p-e-n-u-s.
What can I say.
Never a dull moment.

Honestly though, I love these kids.  They have such capacity for compassion and innocence and humor that by the end of the summer, I barely swear, I shake my head at how inappropriate songs on the radio are, and am so use to the awesomeness that is the land of elementary school that I'm sad to rejoin the real world.  Makes me kind of wonder if I'm going the right thing, pursuing journalism.  Being with kids all day is pretty much the best job ever (even though I'm conveniently leaving out all the meltdowns, spills, tantrums, frustration, headaches, bloody noses, and tired feet) and this summer I've just found such a happiness in being a leader to these kids.
I know, I know.
Check back with me mid-July and we'll see how I'm feeling.
But seriously.
They're awesome.  It's awesome.
It's a way better camp experience being a counselor than I ever would have had as a camper.

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