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Monday, July 14, 2014

I think it's safe to say that New Orleans was my favorite part of our trip, the week in Florida aside.
The buildings, the streets, the stores, the food.
My god.  The food.
I actually do think I truly really did gain 5 pounds in those two days alone.
Totally worth it.
Mother's, Deanie's Seafood, Cafe Du Monde…so good.  My favorite meal and gold star award goes to NOLA, though.  I loved it on principle before we even walked in because, I mean, Emeril.
The food was mouth-watering, eye-wideningly good.  The space was original, cool, and somehow still felt like New Orleans even though it didn't smell like beer and humidity.  The experience was perfect-with three people 'taking care of you', one of them looking like Usher, one of them offering their arm to walk you to the ladies' room, and one of them admitting to have once drank one of the dish's sauces straight from the bowl because she loved it so much, how could it not be?

lol at Rob' selfies

A crappy picture of our gloriously posh hotel, the Omni Royal.

Before we even left, I wanted to come back.

And there you have it, the last installation of our two week, road tripping extravaganza.
Definitely the best two weeks of this summer (and a great break from work so the children don't force me to pull out all the grey hairs they've given me).

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