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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

**Let me just preface by saying the quality of these pictures pains me, but because of the naturally bright and overly windowed nature of my room, it's kinda just how it is.

Lawrence, KS, baby. 

This room is kinda crazy and very odd in it's long-ness and excessive windows.
That's why I love it.
I'm not sure if you can tell the layout of the room from these pics or not, so I'll walk you through it.  When you walk through the door, the desk is to your right, dresser diagonally in front of you, "closet" immediately to your left, and bed on the far left wall.  It's just a long rectangle with the bed in one end and the desk in the other.
I'm dreaming of a full rainy day so I can open all the blinds and sit in my perfect bed and cry from happiness.

Moving in was hella stressful.  There's just no way around that.  I'm not a crazy neat, hospital bed corners, organized clean freak, but a room full of mismatched boxes and suitcases and bags and storage bins and an endless list of things to do and buy in a mere two days really doesn't allow for much mental calmness.
But success was had and tasks perfected thanks to my constantly creative, hard-working, and generous mother.  What I would do without her…I don't want to ever find out.
And now it's perfect.  Not totally finished, of course.  I'm still searching for a desk chair, and there's one bag of stuff that I don't know where to put so I just leave it right where it is. HA.

The actual living part is a little surreal.
I have Mimi here, and a house with my BPs, and dinner to make, and friends stopping by, and work training to go to.
Molly and Chris both get here on Saturday, so that will be a crazy one I'm sure.  After that, just one day until classes start.  
That part I could do without.
Although it is kind of exciting, isn't it?
Not only did I grow and blah blah last year, I really did learn a lot.  And it was kinda fun.
So yeah.

Rah rah Jayhawks and best friends and another year of non-stop fun and games.

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