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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I swear this isn't a selfie post.
It's a I Just Stopped Washing My Hair With Shampoo post.
Cue the trumpets.
Shouldn't there be fat little baby cherubs flying around and sprinkling me with love glitter?
What I do know is that I'm trusting in my newfound fellow "no poo-ers" and their rave reviews that these next few greasy and frizzy weeks will be worth it.

So this is what my hair looks like nowwww
*insert hand waving girl emoji*
But really, the thing is I actually really like my hair right now, which is somewhat rare.  I recognize that I actually have really awesome hair since it is so natural and I can just get out of the shower and go with sweet waves/curls.  But usually I wish it was longer or healthier or shorter or more ombre-ed or darker and so being content is nice.
But reading all these blog posts about how incredible the results are, how cheap the method is (score!) and how healthy your hair gets inspired me enough to get out of my footie pajamas and go to the grocery store for the supplies.
I'm not going to write a whole how-to.  There are plenty of other more seasoned girls out there who have done that already, one of whom I shall link below:

Living In Another Language: I Don't Use Shampoo

I am advancing with much wariness.
Keep posted I will.

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