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Friday, November 7, 2014

***WARNING this post is at least two weeks in the making and should logically be at least four different posts.  So it's a little long and rambly, who cares.  Worth it.***

So, a lot.
A. Freakin. Lot.
Three concerts in two weeks: I can dig it.
Like, way people.  Way.

Alt- J was incroyable.  Molly and I got crazy last-minute tickets to Alt-J at the Midland that kind of killed my bank account and a little bit of my soul but ended up being SO WORTH it before they even came on stage.  It was a fun night to be in the Power & Light district downtown because it was also the last game of the World Series.  They projected it onto the curtain while we waited and it was a super fun atmosphere because of the amount of people and the fact that we were all in it together.  Power to the people who chose music over baseball but actually get both.
Anyway, the crowd was bummed about the loss, but listening to Alt-J's sweet serenades made it all okay.  I could have stayed there all night and never gotten over the euphoric experience it was.

I just realized I forgot to mention that Alt-J was Wednesday, but Tuesday Molly and her teammate/friend Jasmine and I went to the Record Bar in Kansas City to see the Generationals, who were also crazy fun with their quirky danceable beats.  Also, it was a teeny tiny bar/venue, so we were front row and I was smack dab in the middle.  Different experience than the next night, but enjoyable all the same.
This top purple picture is the Generationals, and the bottom is Alt-J.  Instagram-afied post that never got posted.

Halloween though.
It was obviously not as good as back home, but it was a pretty successful night I must say considering we threw a party and people showed up and I wore a blonde wig and didn't have a mental breakdown at how weird that was.

God Ethan cracks me up.  The three of us always end up with the oddest pictures and I usually can't post them because of the general strangeness that I find hilarious but the general public probably wouldn't appreciate.  

So actually next:
Lauren is here!! And we saw City and Colour the night she got in.  Deja vu?  Yes, but this time it was done so much more right.
Dallas impressed me 10,000 times over and I almost cried multiple times at the beauty of his voice and how much I adore his music.
And I got to introduce Molly to someone she hadn't really experienced before so THAT is historical in itself.

He's a cat whisperer! Gosh wow so cute.  Befriended a neighborhood stray and tried to lure her to my house so we could feed her and love her forever.
It worked for a pretty long while.

Lauren went to college.

These two weeks have exponentially grown my love for the peeps around me.  Molly is the greatest and I am so thankful for her soul that sings with mine (literally, too).  Who else would go to Kansas City two nights in a row during the middle of the week, and be down to spend $70 on concert tickets the next week?  I'm trying not to think about what will happen when she leaves me next year because I will cry and be paralyzingly jealous of the incredibly cool life she will undoubtedly lead in Seattle (fingers crossed for her…and for my survival).
I hope all her future friends realize how lucky they are.

Shouts out to Chris for being the Neville to my Luna.
And for making spaghetti and being the big spoon.
We watched a documentary on Bo Jackson, so there's that.
Makin memories people.

And lastly, my very best friend for life Lauren Bertha Black.  She came to college yesterday and actually took notes, which is more than I can usually say.  The fact that my roomies ask for weeks leading up to her visit when she's coming, and then if she can stay forever when she finally gets here, is a testament to my excellent attraction and trapping skills because how else did I get such an awesome wife?

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