Sunday, February 15, 2015

Two of my favorite days: Valentine's Day leading up to my birthday.
It's just a nice series of events ya know?
Pink and hearts and love love love. And candy. And sweetness.
Ry was out with Jackson and Madi was home, so me and Moll went to Ladybird. It was as perfect as perfect could be. Ladybird is the best no matter what. The atmosphere is so homey and comfortable and I always want to go and I never want to leave.
So that was lovely, and then we hopped on over to Liberty Hall to see Still, Alice, which as I'm writing this blog post I'm raving about how good that movie was.
So. Good.
The feels.
Julianne Moore should absolutely win. 

And today.
Mon anniversaire.
My best friends are the sweetest, most thoughtful, funnest to be around peeps in the whole world and there's nothing I love more than just spending the day with them.
Which is exactly what we did, sadly missing Mads.
We went to Kansas City and had brunch and shopped around and came home and made a spaghetti feast with garlic bread and salad and sparkling wine and raspberry peach pie from Ladybird.

In KC we found this delightful little Gem, Urban Provision.
Can I move in?

It also happened to be 20 feels like 0 degrees so it was just a little brisk outside between stores.

 I love these girls and everyone who wished me happy birthday near and far. Every call and text and card and message and Oreo was so happily received.
It makes a person think that maybe they're doing alright.

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