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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

See? Can't help it.
I feel like I should write more on these posts, because that used to be what this was all about. Maybe I'm lazy. Maybe it's because there's less to write about than when it was all sparkly and brand new.  The thing is, things are just as new now. Well, maybe not just as new. But I'm still just a sophomore. Yeah, I know where all the buildings are and I've tramped across campus with a camera bag and tripod after running up the steps from Dole. Homework rarely stresses me and I know that when high school teachers tell you in college things will be different and the teachers will never let you turn anything in late, they're lying.
I just wrote a bunch of words about feelings and friends and deleted them because I'm so beyond that sentimental journal ish.
Wow, such growth.

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