Saturday, March 14, 2015

Shirtdress. Pants: Forever 21. Shoes: Urban Outfitters. Purse.

This outfit makes me feel:
Parisienne, because of the simplicity of the elements and the easy-breezy feel. The huge shirtdress is something a Parisienne woman would just throw on with a black lace bra and leave the top buttons undone on purpose so it shows.
On trend, without being obvious. Blue is the color of the season, which is fortunate because all blues go together, and with my eyes. Woohoo.
Spunky, because of Molly's cool ass hat. Pretty sure she bought it in Seattle, and it shows. 
I also love the silhouette of this outfit. I think the hat really does it for me. It usually does. Silhouette is something I always, always think about when putting together an outfit. Which is why I've been obsessed with the pants I got on sale at Urban this week for $6. 
I've already gotten my money's worth.

Soon I shall be departing for the sunshine state (isn't that actually Florida?) and my best friend and her puppy and my mama and some Mexican food.

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