Branching Out

Saturday, April 18, 2015

One would think that there is not much we haven't seen.  And one would be right when it comes to Lawrence, although I'm still discovering cool spots here and there.  But when it comes to a comprehensive knowledge of this tiny town, we got it.
Kansas City on the other hand…. it's like Neverland out there.
Friday was a gloriously grey and drizzly day with a duty-free afternoon, so Mol and I suited up and headed out to Westport. The four of us have been there once or twice, but never to the heart of the cutesy little block or so.
It was perfect.
We strolled through the tree-lined streets, paid the KC ATC a visit, took some pics, went to a record store, and found Port Fonda. That's when we knew. This place was the place to be.
Then we found the apartment building Molly is thinking about living in next year, and drove to the med  center to see how far it was. On our way, we stumbled upon the most beautiful, historical, regal street of houses. I've seen some amazing neighborhoods, but this was really something else.
And then we went to a coffee shop on the quietest street of lofts in an area we had never been.
It was like a condensed review of Kansas City areas that we hadn't really been to before, and it was a perfect little afternoon.

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