Sunday, June 28, 2015

It feels most like summer to me when the sun is making its lazy descent, down behind the trees, casting that golden glow through the leaves and branches. The rays highlight just how green and leafy everything is, acting as a reminder.

The day is almost over. Don't you want to witness its goodbye?
Wouldn't now be the perfect time to drink lemonade on the porch?
If you try to take a picture, it just won't be the same.

It's hard to capture the feeling the wind gives, when it eagerly joins you through open car windows and joyfully whips your hair in the whirlwind. 
Or the sun, shining right at eye-level, giving it one last go before starting again the next day. You're annoyed, but only just so. It is, after all, thanks to the sun that everything is glowing, the bugs and floating fuzz lit up. 
You keep the windows down until you realize it really is too hot, and the air conditioning is cool now, and so you regretfully roll them up and shift in your seat, sweaty.
A cool drink awaits at your destination, or the rush of chilled air escaping through an open door. You probably won't sit outside because it really is quite sticky and much more comfortable inside.
But for a few unbridled minutes, you sang country songs at the top of your lungs and filled them full of dusky, summertime air. 
And it felt like nothing could surpass that freedom.

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