Thursday, March 3, 2016

This year, Bertha carried on the tradition of visiting me for my birthday, and I think it may have been the best yet. It was unseasonably beautiful, sunny, and warm-total patio-sitting weather. As you can tell from these pictures, most of what we did was eat some damn good food. We're talking life-changing pizza so good we had it twice.

And we went out. Duh.

Pancake burrito filled with scrambled eggs and bacon. Do you guys understand how much I love this?


On another note, I'm not sure what brought me back to the blog a few days ago, but I'm glad for whatever it was. It reminded me how much I love this place. It's been going for a while now and even if no one reads it, I enjoy looking back and watching the years through this lens. I'm hoping that I can learn to keep at it even when I'm just doing life, and nothing seems especially picture-worthy or extraordinary. Pretty soon I will be in a whole new chapter of life and college will be but a recent memory (how freakin scary is that?). My memory is kind of awful and I don't want my time here in Lawrence to be lost, so I will document as best I can.

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